Aims of the Service

IMG_2758At ATCHISON CHILDCARE we provide a social and educational program that is multicultural in its sensitivity and approach.

Through a secure, safe and nurturing environment the children will learn who they are, build a positive self-esteem and relationships. The children will develop as a whole.

The centre will aim to support children with additional needs. These include all children’s interests, skills, needs, behaviours, health conditions and disabilities. They will acquire the knowledge that they are unique individuals and their special abilities, interests and backgrounds are a very important contribution to the community.

The children will learn in appropriate ways and will learn to respect the natural environment. The Educators will foster the children’s curiosity, creativity and interest in the world and the environment around them.

IMG_2698Gender or race will not limit learning. The children will grow in their awareness, understanding and acceptance of others.

The children will be invited into decision-making and conflict resolved peacefully. The Educators and children work together to resolve conflicts and children are given opportunities to develop strong problem solving skills.

Educators will be highly motivated, loving, caring and qualified to care for your child.

The importance of the home and family will be recognised and ongoing communication and interaction between the home and Atchison Centres will positively foster children’s learning.