Child Care Benefit

IMG_2647Child Care Benefit

Depending on income families may be entitled to Child Care Benefit (CCB) as a daily fee reduction.  Child Care benefit is means tested. To claim this benefit you are required to contact the Family Assistance Office by phoning 13 61 50 as soon as a placement has been offered by Atchison Cottage or Atchison Preschool.

Once either of the Atchison Centre’s have been notified by the Family Assistance Office of your CCB (Childcare Benefit) percentage this can be applied to your fees  to give you a weekly fee reduction or can be claimed as a lump sum payment following the end of the financial year.

Child Care Rebate

Every child is entitled to childcare rebate  up to $7500 per financial year . The entitlement is calculated as 50% of the out of pocket childcare expenses for the approved childcare gap.

To be eligible for childcare rebate families must have met the work, training and study test.

Foster care, shared care, kinship and grandparent families who meet the eligibility criteria are also eligible to receive (CCR)

Days of absence

Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate will be paid for absent days if no more than 42 absent days have been used or if more than 42 absent days have been used the absence will require additional absent reason and supporting documentation to claim payment.