IMG_2587Through a monthly newsletter Atchison Centre’s can maintain on going communication with families about, Educators, staffing, policies, management decisions, parent committee, Assessment and Rating, fundraising and all other information relevant to the daily operation of the Centre’s.

The Parent Committee is involved with management decisions including equipment purchased, suggestions in regards to programs, social gatherings, excursions and fundraising ideas.

Atchison Centre’s seek information from parents who are not on the Parent Committee by sending out questionnaires, ‘Parent Input’ Diaries, Parent Involvement and our ‘Open Door Policy’.

The Centres manage parent concerns, grievances, complaints, comments and suggestions in numerous ways through: –

IMG_7627– Parent Suggestion Box – where any suggestions or comments are reviewed and evaluated at staff meetings.

– Parents are encouraged to approach the Nominated Supervisor in regards to grievances or complaints where the Nominated Supervisor along with the parent will then document the grievance and decide a plan of action. The Nominated Supervisor will follow up with the parent in regards to the grievance within a two week period to ensure the situation has been resolved.

Family Communication Plan

The Centre’s have developed specific plans for communicating with all families. This plan is distributed to all parents on enrolment through the ‘Parent Handbook’ and is displayed at the Centre’s.

Communication is also achieved by numerous ways as outlined below:-

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Parent Handbook
  • Parent Policy Handbook
  • Philosophy
  • Calender of Events
  • Assessment and Rating Information
  • National Quality Framework Guide
  • Centre “Quality Improvement Plan” Folders
  • Parent Information Folders
  • Centre Policies Manual
  • Parent Policy Feedback
  • Translated Communication
  • Parent/Teacher Meeting
  • Centre Photo albums
  • White Boards
  • Letters
  • Parent Committee
  • Educator/Parent Committee Meeting Agenda
  • Digital Photos
  • Parent Suggestion Box
  • Website
  • Daily Diary
  • Child’s Day Sheet
  • Children’s Journal
  • Open Door Policy
  • Parent Message Diary