Grow in confidence and building new friendships

Ava joined Atchison Preschool this year and in the last 3 months we have already seen Ava grow in confidence and building new friendships. The girls at Atchison Preschool have been wonderful and have helped Ava settle in whilst actively encouraging her to make new friends and to get involved in all the class activities.

You can tell the staff genuinely care and enjoying working, developing and teaching the kids. They take pride in watching the kids grow and get ready for school next year.

The communication between the centre and parents is excellent and there is a lot of event the preschool organising to get parents to know one another and create a supportive family network.

We have only be at Atchison Preschool for 3 months and so far we love it, Ava is having a great time and continuing to grow into a confident 4year little girl.