ATCHISON CENTRES aim to provide a safe family-like environment for all children entrusted into our care. We recognise that family is the most important and influential aspect in the lives of young children and the significance of this relationship cannot be underestimated. Through our partnerships and strong relationships with families the Centre will work towards complementing the home environment.

We will create environments where children feel secure, loved, respected and nurtured. We aim to promote that each child has a strong sense of identity and trust both developing a healthy ego and a strong sense of self-worth. The protective care promoted by all Educators at ATCHISON CENTRES will ensure the safety and well-being of each child.

The objective of our Education and Care is to provide each child with opportunities which will enable the Educators to recognise and respect each child’s competencies and abilities. We believe that children have a right to be active participants in their own learning, and must be empowered to express their views and ideas.

ATCHISON CENTRES believe that children inherit a connection to their natural world and our educators aim to foster a positive approach to the natural environment. Also, with the environment in mind ATCHISON CENTRES also aim to highlight how sustainability practices help the world become a better place for all. ATCHISON CENTRES offer hands-on teaching experiences for children to learn how to care for the environment and looking out for their future. These experiences will play an important role in the overall development of each individual child.

ATCHISON CENTRES will treat all children equitably. Educators will support all children’s interests, skills, abilities, behaviours, health, nutrition and wellbeing. The relationships children form with educators and peers will further enhance their views of themselves and others, creating an acceptance and appreciation of diversity.

The program at ATCHISON CENTRES is guided by the children, developing their interests and extending these interests through opportunities and experiences provided by our educators. Our curriculum reflects the thought that children are active participants and collaborators allowing for more individualistic and meaningful involvement by each child.

ATCHISON CENTRES follows the ‘Early Years Learning Framework’ (EYLF) and nurtures children from 6 weeks to 6 years. The EYLF describes childhood as a time of “Belonging” – living a fulfilling life, “ Being” – Living here and now,  and “Becoming” – the learning and development that children experience. This is reflected through children having a strong sense of identity, being connected with and contributing to their world, having a strong sense of wellbeing, being confident and involved learners and being, effective communicators.


ATCHISON CENTRES program reflects both planned and spontaneous experiences designed to support children’s development in all domains, including as much family and community input as we can gather and information we can extend upon. Through the EYLF, the program sees educators engage in intentional teaching, – deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful and spontaneous experiences through social contexts and how these interactions and conversations are vitally important for learning. They actively promote children’s learning through worthwhile and challenging experiences and interactions that will also foster high-level thinking skills (EYLF).

We embrace diversity within the centre and the wider community and through respect, acknowledgment, appreciation and acceptance of diversity within our community ATCHISON CENTRES will embrace, celebrate and share traditions and cultures of each individual child throughout our program. At ATCHISON CENTRES we cater for different capacities and learning styles and invite children and families to contribute ideas, interests and questions.

The educators at ATCHISON CENTRES understand that ongoing education and training is a critical aspect of professional development. It is through accurate evaluation and assessment, which occurs when we critically reflect on our actions that we are able to identify areas which may be considered a skill and those which may need further development. Teamwork and effective communication at ATCHISON CENTRES are essential requirements for positive outcomes across all aspects of Education and Care where the aim is to achieve a shared goal.

In conclusion the Children of ATCHISON CENTRES will grow to be competent contributing members of our community with a good self-image, fostering a sense of security, self-esteem, trust, respect and confidence as well as empathy towards others and all living creatures.

ATCHISON CENTRES value and respect families and the local communities, and aim to work alongside these parties to provide children with the ability to “Belong”, to “Be”, and to “Become”.