Educator Goals

IMG_2919All Educators at the commencement of each year set goals for themselves as a focus for the year ahead. These goals are promoted by each Educator focussing on the points below.

  1. Educators to create a happy atmosphere for families by being welcoming and friendly.
  2. Educators to treat each other as equals, being open and respecting each other by communicating and listening to everyone’s ideas.
  3. Educators to offer support to families by being helpful and working together as a team.
  4. Educators to provide interesting, stimulating and challenging activities for the children.
  5. Educators to help children develop with a sense of Being, Belonging and Becoming.
  6. For all Educators to be involved with programming ideas and have an active role in the centre EYLF program.
  7. Educators, through daily activities, will role model appropriate behaviours and interactions.
  8. Educators will attend regular in-services  and in house training to maintain a high standard of Professional Development.
  9. Educators will respect, promote and encourage children’s individual needs along with providing for their additional needs.
  10. In partnership with families and the Community, Educators will promote and respect a diverse range of cultures, cultural beliefs and values.