Atchison Childcare 128Family members can contribute to the Centre’s program of experiences in flexible and varied ways on a daily/weekly basis.

“Family involvement brings an unparalleled richness to early childhood programs, and enhances children’s understanding and acceptance of individual differences”.

Parents are welcome visitors at any time. Parents and other family members are encouraged to share a cultural activity with the children such as craft, cooking musical, etc.

Special activities are arranged during the year to allow all family members and other members of the community to participate in the Centre’s activities. Sensitivity to the cultural and social backgrounds of families can enrich the programs. Some of the activities arranged are ‘Mother’s Day Celebrations’, ‘Father’s Day Celebrations’, ‘Easter Hat Parade Celebration’, ‘Parent Involvement Week’, ‘Cultural Week’ and ‘Occupation Week’.

Throughout the year Parents will be given the opportunity to be involved in fundraising events, visitors and social evenings within the centre.

At the beginning of each year a Parent/Educator Committee will be set up to establish goals, policies and the Centre’s philosophy about what is worthwhile for their children to learn. Minutes of parent/Educator committee meetings will be kept and distributed to parents. Parents and staff will think of issues they want discussed at committee meetings as they arise. These issues will go on the agenda for discussion at the next meeting.

Parent involvement and input is important to our centre and is valued by the Educators and children.