Health & Safety

IMG_3095Health and Safety Procedures are included as part of our daily routine and program. Such clear policies and procedures relating to child Health & Safety have been developed by the Centre and are in the best interest of children, management, Educators, staff and families.

Every employee at the Centre shall take care of the Health & Safety of all children. Families along with Educators and Staff will be informed of the Health and Safety guidelines and the importance of abiding to these as required.

Educators monitor the indoor and outdoor areas prior to children entering the centre and completes a daily ‘Indoor/ Outdoor Safety Checklist’.

The centre has procedures that staff consistently implements Clear labelling and safe storage of medications, cleaning products, chemicals and other potentially dangerous products.

2Educators also regularly monitor supervision, making changes and identifying long or short-term goals together and record these in the l”Quality Improvement Plan” for the Centre’s .

There is always a First Aid Attendant on the premises and the Centre carries Indemnity Insurance.

If necessary an injured child would be accompanied to the hospital.

There is an emergency plan in case of accidents – the parents will be notified or the emergency person contacted. All details of accidents will be recorded.

An emergency evacuation plan is in operation, which is in accordance with current state licensing regulations.

A regular diary is kept noting any child’s illness, medicine, or accidents occurring while attending the Centre.

Provision is made for the comfort of sick children until they are collected.

Educators will be sensitive and responsive to each child’s:-
– physical safety and well-being
– illness and distress

The Educator’s are trained in recognising signs of suspected incidences of child abuse or neglect and are encouraged to report their observations to the Nominated Supervisor or may be under obligation to Mandatory Report an incident of abuse.

Excursions will be as per The Department of Education and Care Services guidelines.

The child’s right to privacy will always be respected.