IMG_3082Each child is allocated a locker which can be identified by a photograph or a symbol posted on the locker. Please place your child’s bag and other belongings in this locker . Clothing which has become soiled throughout the day will be placed in a plastic bag and put in the locker or your child’s bathroom to be collected at the end of each day.

Each day you will need to bring;

  • 3 nappies if required
  • A bottle with milk or made up formula if required
  • Suitable spare clothing and socks
  • Toy , blanket or comforter used during sleep/rest time
  • A wide brimmed hat for summer which covers the face and neck
  • A Jacket and warm hat for winter
  • A toothbrush and toothpaste in an appropriate container (only for 2 years and above)
  • One fitted and one flat cot sheet for your child’s stretcher

Please remember to label all your child’s items

Throughout the day your child will be involved in messy play, so as to prevent good clothes becoming ruined please dress you child appropriately for Childcare.

Please avoid bringing a toy in with your child as these can go missing or become broken. Save these special items for your child’s “Show and Tell” day, where they can be put in a safe place.

If your child is celebrating a birthday please feel free to provide a cake or other sweet, which can be shared. When choosing a cake or sweet please make sure it does not contain NUTS as Atchison Centres are a “Nut Free Zone’. It is a good idea to check with your child’s Educator if there are children with other allergies at the preschool so that an appropriate cake or sweet can be provided. This allows all children to be part of the birthday celebration.