Transition to School

IMG_3089When a child first attends school, there is a great change for that child and for his/her family.

At Atchison Childcare we believe that you, the child’s parents are a most important link in this transition. Parents and Teachers as partners.

The better the bridge between home and school, the better the education: that’s the message from research.

Atchison Centre’s will always talk about starting school in a positive manner that will reinforce a healthy attitude toward the transition. As well as discussing your child’s development with you, we also provide an information session on School Readiness for all parents.

On request from a school, educational records will be made available for the child transferring.

When possible, information on local schools will be made available to parents.

The areas of focus for the ‘Transition to School” program are:

  • Letter recognition/formation (alphabet)
  • Name recognition/formation
  • Number recognition/formation (1-10)
  • Rote counting (1-20)
  • Readers

Your child will be exposed to many different activities, which will enhance the learning of these focus areas.

Our program for school also focuses on areas such as:

  1. Reading – labelling objects/stories/letter recognition
  2. Maths – counting/sorting
  3. Language skills – asking questions
  4. Writing – talking about drawings/writing their own name
  5. Social – interacting with peers
  6. Cognitive – thinking through questions/problems

All these focus areas will promote your child as a communicating child, a thinking child, a social child, a feeling child, a creative child, and a healthy physical active child. All this will help your child have a great sense of self.

At Atchison Childcare our high quality School Readiness program is aimed at the individual child and their stage of development. The School Readiness program is introduced by an Educator to all children who will be attending School in the following year. Simple readers focusing on most common used words will be introduced to the children approximately 6 months prior to starting school.

The aim of our School Readiness program is to make the transition to school for our children as comfortable as possible. Therefore, it is our goal that when your child graduates from Atchison Childcare they will take with them the following skills:

  • Problem solving
  • Concentration and Attention
  • Eye/hand Co-ordination
  • Manipulative Skills
  • Receptive /Expressive
  • Interacting
  • Self Help
  • Pre-academic
  • Positive Behaviour
  • Confidence and feelings of success
  • Social and Emotional
  • Music/Movement and drama

These skills are all aimed at developing your child as a healthy individual and providing them with a sense of self worth so that they can continue to be a confident learner with an important place in our society- being, belonging and becoming..