Atchison Preschool Routines

Tigerlillies Room
8.00am Centre Opens, Family Group in Tigerlilies Room.Progressive Morning Tea – Milk to be offered
8.30am Preschoolers Move into Their Room.
Indoor Free-Play Activities. Children to select activities of interest – both programmed and spontaneous
8.45am Toileting/ Handwashing/ Morning Tea – ongoing
9:25am Teacher’s call Pack Away time
9.30am Water Offered to Children
Roll call, weather chart, Stories, songs , show and Tell.Language GroupsWeekly Alphabet Book and Poem and Weekly Number and Song
Sight Words
Italian LessonChildren to apply sunscreen
10.00am Transition to Outside for free play – (Weather Permitting)Hats/jackets on, water offered.
11.00am  Transition upstairs  (e.g. 1,2,3 Look at Me)Children place hats in their bags transition to Hand washingLunch Time – Children self serve
Daily School work
11.45pm Toileting/ Brushing Teeth/ Sleep Nappiesself help skills- children  assisted to make own beds and remove their shoes
12.15pm Transition to Beds/ Story Tape/ Sleep-Time Music
Rest/ Quiet TimeNon Sleepers to Participate in Quiet Activities
1.20pm Teacher To Assist Waking Children with Self Help Skills packing up beds, shoes on.
Water Offered to Children
Nappies/ Toileting/ Hand WashingSchool Readiness  Activities
2.00pm Toileting/ Hand Washing Afternoon Tea – Milk to be offered Discussion: ‘Reflection on Our Day’
2.20pm Group Time – School readiness ProgramShow and TellMusicChildren Apply sunscreen
3.00pm Hats/ Jackets on.Transition to Outdoor play (Weather Permitting)
4.00pm Pack away outdoors as a group ( e.g. 1,2,3 Look at Me )Munch and Move Program
4.30pm Transition to IndoorsSupper – water offeredFree Play Activities – children to Self Select
5.00pm Children Family group in Tigerlillies room.Table top activities, books on mat, construction, puzzles, etc
5.30pm Teacher to Read Storybooks to Children
6.00pm Centre Closes
Snapdragons Room
8.00am Centre opens, Family grouping in the Tigerlillies room. Progressive morning tea and milk is offered.
8:30am Snapdragons move into their classroom to continue free choice play activities
9:20am Pack away time
9:30am Music time and roll call
10.00am Transition to outdoor play. Weather permitted.
11.00am Children tidy up their play spaces and transition indoorsOnce indoors children make their beds, wash hands and start to serve themselves lunch. Water is offered.
11:40am Transition to rest time. Children clean their teeth, toileting and hand washing.Children select books to read quietly on their beds.
12.00pm Show and tell time
12:15pm Rest time. Educator reads a chapter book for the children whilst they rest on their beds.
1:15pm Children start to gradually get up from their beds.Table activities are set for language program (handwriting, French/ Italian, school readiness letter/number activity)

Planned craft experiences are also set up on tables.

1:45pm Free choice activities
2.00pm Pack away. Transition to afternoon tea. Wash hands and self-serve fruit and afternoon tea. Water is offered
2:30pm Group time. Project discussion/ music and movement/ story time
3.00pm Transition to outdoor play area. Free play.
4:15pm Pack away time
5.00pm Children move into the Tigerlily room for family grouping.
6.00pm Centre is closed.