At the Centre

Arrival & Departure

IMG_3104Please greet the Educators on arrival. When you are ready to leave in the morning please give your child to an Educator. This is an important time to communicate any information that might be of relevance to your child’s wellbeing during the day. If you need to have longer talks with the educator or Nominated Supervisor, a convenient time can be arranged or perhaps a phone call during the day can help. Please feel free to chat at any time.

When collecting your child, it is important again to farewell the educators. It can be very distressing for educators whom may be unaware that a parent has collected their child and left without letting them know. This is also important so that the Educators can make sure a child has gone home with the right person.

If someone different is collecting your child it is important to inform your child’s Educator. This is crucial as children will not be handed over to adults other than those listed on the child’s enrolment form as the authorised people to collect.